3532 Terry Lake Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Northern Arizona University
B.F.A: Painting & Drawing, Cum Laude, 1993



2016  Contemporary Art Survey, The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO (Juror's Award)
          Epitaphs, Biola University Gallery, La Mirada, CA
2015  The Place Between*, Artworks Loveland, Loveland, CO
           On the Land, Gallery 970, Loveland, CO
2014  Art Expo, The Wonderbread Factory, San Diego, CA
          The Little Country*, Historic Carnegie Building, Fort Collins, CO
2013  Points on Time*, Stripe, Santa Cruz, CA
          Around Here, Out There*, Lilify, Monterey, CA
2012  The Octagon, Gottesaurer Str 35, Karlsruhe, Germany
2011  They And The Face And Hands*, GTSE, Grand Rapids, MI
2010  Art That Tells The Story, GTSE, Grand Rapids, MI
2008  Water-H20, Bakery Art Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
           Succour—the gift of support and solace, Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA
           What Remains..., The Artery Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
           The Non-Con, Triangle Square, Costa Mesa, CA
2007  The Shatner Show, Uppercase Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2006  Fanatical Attics, ONSIX Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005 Giants*, Jazz Bakery , Los Angeles, CA
           The Hope of Things Promised, Eyekons Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI
2004  Portraits 1995-2003*, Studio K, Santa Ana, CA
           The Illustrated Hand, Enid Lawson Gallery, London, UK



1995 - present                     

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sacramento, CA
Darwill Corporation, Chicago, IL
Chris Williams, Los Angeles, CA
The Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, CA
Eric L. Wolfe, Birmingham, MI
The Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, CA
Breeann & Chris Kirby, San Diego, CA
Chris Brewer, Grand Rapids, MI
Peter & Jill Spino, San Diego, CA
Kyle & Carmen Osland, San Diego, CA
Ryan & Teri Loxam, Mercer ville, NJ
Santiago and Brooke Uceda, Corvallis, OR
Brian and Wendy Torres, Fullerton, CA
Paul and Mary Flotho, San Francisco, CA
Rick and Missy Arko, Long Beach, CA
Ben and Holly Mehling, Irvine, CA