Alicia and Scott Laumann often work in collaboration together on dance for the camera projects and dialogical performance art pieces including in their show, "The Place Between," at Artworks Loveland in June 2015. They have recently founded "Quilt," a nonprofit organization that curates space for ongoing intentional and non-traditional art and dance projects.

Every First Friday @ Ambiente Community Space
226 Pine Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Local artists Sandra Hopkins and Scott and Alicia Laumann collaborate to produce a one-of-a-kind “Conversation Piece” every First Friday in old town Fort Collins.  The first two events are below. Regular programming to start April 1, 2016.


Ambiente Community Space
Fort Collins, CO

Vignettes of classical ballet and new contemporary solos by Alicia Laumann with dancers from Canyon Concert Ballet.  Each show included a brief look at the history of contemporary ballet to contextualize the pieces as well as a short discussion with the artist and dancers following the performance. Thank you to everyone who came out and for filling all the seats at each show.


Ambiente Community Space
Fort Collins, CO

In Europe, Laternenfest is a fall festival where children walk through their villages swinging prettily lighted lanterns and singing traditional songs on the eve of St. Martin’s feast day.  Laternenfest is a secular version of Martinstag – a Christian celebration on November 11th, held in honor of St. Martin, a kindly Roman solider, who, legend would have it, gave half of his cloak to a beggar in a snowstorm and then, having dreamt about Jesus, got baptized as an adult.  In previous more rural times, it also signified the completion of winter preparations – harvesting, seeding, slaughtering. It was a time for people to eat their fattest cow or goose and join together to sing and be merry before beginning the long cold fast in the weeks until Christmas. 

Children and adults created their own lanterns by punching holes in them to illuminate both the Ambiente space and to carry with them into the city’s streets.  By the end of the evening, over 100 lanterns hung at various heights, each casting a soft glow through unique patterns.  It became place where drop-in visitors could pause in quiet and reflection away from the boisterous Friday night city streets. 


OCTOBER 17, 2015
Ruminate Barn, Fort Collins, CO

Special collaborative event featured past Ruminate magazine artists-in-residence and was a kickoff for their Art Matters campaign.

The evening included a reading from Judith Deem Dupree, an improvisational dance performance by Alicia Laumann, and a new site-specific art installation by Scott Laumann.