Inspiration : Here Not There

Went to see this show recently at the MACSD in La Jolla.  The exhibition focused on emerging artists as well as under-recognized mid-career artists, and included artwork in a wide range of genres, from painting, drawing, and sculpture to installation, video, new media, conceptual and performance art. I was interested to see what is actually being produced here in San Diego since I have found it difficult to locate a consistent art presence in the area.  

The show had some bright spots.  I again enjoyed seeing the work of David Adey (Lamb) and Marisol Rendon, whose " Charcoal Drawing, 97% of Blindness" takes on more importance via the title.  Tom Driscoll displays hundreds of colored cement casts of packaging materials across a long wall, reminding me of work by Stuart Haygarth and Tony Cragg.  But overall, the 50 works or so came across as a little thin and uniform despite the different media.  More striking to me than the work was  the show's introductory text which identified San Diego as a sort of "nether region" sandwiched between Tijuana and Los Angeles, desiring to find it's own identity but never really doing so. I felt this was a spot on description of both the city and the work in this show.