Inspiration : Berlin

Day 5 in Berlin.  The place is alive with an energy that is fresh and surprising, full of personality and a vibe that I would imagine New York possessed in the 80's. It is the first time in quite a few years that I have been genuinely surprised by a city.  The feel on the street is energizing, with cultures converging from every corner of the earth.   Subway exits that spill out into open squares with live music, neighborhoods marked by distinct charm and history echoing from each turn has created an experience only equaled by NYC. 

Through my recent use of photography, I am also realizing more about the way I see things as an artist.  

It's becoming obvious that my work, past, present and future, is concerned with patterns: identifying and re-communicating pre-existing and natural shapes, habitual patterns, language and movement.  It is though shape and pattern that I perceive things and it is the backdrop for almost every idea I consider, even if not immediately obvious.

Berlin has also reminded me with clarity what it actually means to think as an artist.  Having  ideas and even been diligent enough to write them down is one thing.  But bringing them to a cohesive conclusion, to see them play out through process, is another matter.  It is a requirement that is substantial, one that very few are willing to commit to.  We can debate the merit of an individual piece of art, but one thing that doesn’t change is that the artist had the follow through to bring an idea to pass, that he/she trusted their original inclinations and didn’t abandon ship along the way due to practical considerations.  This process should never be taken for granted.