Process : Highlights

Leipzig, 3/11

Last year, I began to experiment with working outside at specific sites where I make an attempt to "highlight" an existing pattern that comes into my vision.  My first effort was a spontaneous exercise in Leipzig, Germany using oil pastels to fill in the small areas on a park bench that had become worn through time and weather.  Since then, I have created several other works of various scale and have archived them through photography.
A couple samples after the jump...

 The concept of patterns has become increasingly more central to my work, or, more accurately, I have become aware of this current that has existed for many years.  It has become a foundational motivation  and allows me to "connect" work across different media and disciplines.

These outdoor experiments have become an interesting way for me to consider the nature of created order, design and the effects of repetitive behavior and how these effects record history.  They have also allowed me to respond and connect with my immediate topographic location.

Krakow, 11/11

Krakow, 11/11