Another attempt

Time is running short, so the next day I head out again, this time up a remote trail in the hills of Napa. I find a spot in the long grass overlooking a bluff and decide to make this my studio for the day.  I collect moss from a tree, grass and scrape reddish minerals out of a damp rock.  I've changed paper and gone with a heavy watercolor variety which should help to speed the drying time.

Ground up, I'm pleased with two of the mixtures.  Turns out moss does not translate well to pigment of any kind.  I may use this as a sort of binder for the other pigments.

The first shapes are applied with the grass which picks up the dirt particles and separates in an interesting way on the paper.

Ok, this is going better.  It's much warmer so the pigment is setting faster.  It's a lovely spot with no one around and as time passes, I find myself more aware of the natural sounds and smells around me.

Hours have passed and it's coming along.  I'll search for dandelions to make yellow and small purple berries I spotted on the way up to hopefully mix a shade of blue.  This is will be first piece of the six natural works in the show.