The Place Between: Process

So we had our opening last Friday, June 12 @ Artworks Loveland.  Thank you to all of you who came out to see our new work and participate in the night. Alicia and I can't remember being as tired as we were after the show opening ended. 

The show prep was about 6 months and the gallery installation took a week.  The past couple months included a 10 hour continuous video shoot, cutting tree rounds, wrapping needlework thread around 2000 push pins, and the construction of a wall system that allowed a live sculpture to be constructed.  A big thank you to Artworks Loveland and all who helped us out with the installation (Angela Canada Hopkins, Abbie R Powers, Levi Bagdanov, Ronda Stone, Carrie Johansing, Becky Hawley, etc.) and of course, all the performers who installed "Landschaft:" Elvie Anable, Lily Belanger, Destiny Archuleta, Mykaila Blumhardt, Nicole Ferreri, and Antonio Hermosillo.  Last, but not least, our beautiful daughter Paloma who helped at every step and put up with us:)

Below is a photographic journal of the process.  We hope you can join us on July 3 for the closing open house and dialogue with the community.