Lantern making and Cider! For kids and adults!  FREE

In Europe, Laternenfest is a fall festival where children walk through their villages swinging prettily lighted lanterns and singing traditional songs on the eve of St. Martin’s feast day.  Laternenfest is a secular version of Martinstag – a Christian celebration on November 11th, held in honor of St. Martin, a kindly Roman solider, who, legend would have it, gave half of his cloak to a beggar in a snowstorm and then, having dreampt about Jesus, got baptized as an adult.  In previous more rural times, it also signified the completion of winter preparations – harvesting, seeding, slaughtering. It was a time for people to eat their fattest cow or goose and join together to sing and be merry before beginning the long cold fast in the weeks until Christmas. 

What better way to enter the holiday season than to remember the joy of giving and the bounty of the season than in our small version of this joyful festival.  Children and adults can create their own lanterns to light up both the Ambiante space and to carry with them into the city’s streets.

There will be hot cider and you will help create an art installation over the course of the evening. We hope you and your children can all stop by to celebrate the season!

Scott & Alicia

December 4, 2015
Fort Collins First Friday Art Walk

Ambiente Community Space
226 Pine Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524


QUILT is a vehicle of Scott and Alicia Laumann, which exists to create intentional performance art installations, choreographed objects and multidisciplinary experiences which encourage collaboration, thoughtfulness, dialogue and participation.  With a combined 30 years experience in fine art and dance,  they explore themes of time, space, land and home among others.  Scott and Alicia want the vulnerability of their own process to open avenues for community thought, participation and discourse.  

Ambiente + Quilt
Every First Friday @ Ambiente

In collaboration with local fiber artist Sandra Hopkins, Quilt will produce a one-of-a-kind "Conversation Piece" every First Friday beginning March 4th.  Check back for specific programing information in February 2016!