Coda , watercolor on paper, applied with twigs, 20 x 30 in.

Coda, watercolor on paper, applied with twigs, 20 x 30 in.



Historic Carnegie Building, Fort Collins, CO
May 21-24 2014

The Little Country is based upon Charles de Lint’s urban fantasy novel by the same name.  Instead of utilizing a literal visual interpretation of the novel, cues were taken from my local surroundings and themes were transposed from the novel on to the materials present.  The Russian Thistle, or tumbleweed, plays a metaphorically prominent role in the installation as a ubiquitous symbol of the local landscape.  Interesting parallels can be found in it’s cycle of life-death-life with themes from the novel. 

A recurring concept in the installation, central to the book, is two stories in seeming opposition coming together in resolution.  “Coda,” a watercolor drawing in the show, explores this idea in detail, with multiple stages ultimately meeting in the middle, bringing completion.  The process is documented in a limited edition booklet by the same name.  The parallel stories, or worlds, are echoed throughout the space through sculptural elements suggestive of life and death.  It’s the magic of a forgotten music that thins the veil between what we consider reality and a mystical realm.

The installation culminated with a story-enchanced musical performance by the string band Zahatar involving new compositions and readings from the author’s book.  

Coda, watercolor on paper, 20x30 in.

Tottering Hames, painted tumbleweeds

Painted branches

The Lost Music, projection

Turntable w/ painted tumbleweed, Celtic & pioneer fiddle tunes

Coda, special edition handmade booklet, designed and assembled by the artist